HAR2009 is over

Running our own GSM network at HAR 2009 has kept me too busy to actually attend any lectures myself - apart from the A5/1 lecture in the GSM track just after my own presentations on OpenBSC and airprobe. So I'm hoping for the recordings to be available in some non-proprietary format soon. Apparently all they have now is some website with flash videos, something I'd almost call an abomination.

In any case, thanks once again to the HAR Organizers for obtaining the GSM test license. Thanks to the Agenschap Telecom for actually granting us such a license. And thanks to the many helping hands from the OpenBSC community, as well as the several hundreds of people who have tested the GSM network 204-42.

We shut down our operations at 2009-08-16 at 16:00 CEST. There were no complaints of either the regulatory authority nor the commercial network operators during the event.

We have complete debug logs of OpenBSC, as well as pcap files of all signalling data. In the weeks to come, we'll be working on extensive statistics on network usage / load, as well as relationship graphs i.e. who called/texted whom.

After a 7 hour car ride to my home in Berlin, and an 8 hour stop-over to pack my suitcases, I'm now currently in Helsinki enroute to Seoul, Korea. Following-up to my last trip in January, I'm happy to be able to visit the country at a time of much more pleasant weather (26-30 centigrade) this time.

I'm very excited about my work there in the coming months. As soon as there's anything I can state publicly about it, I'll keep you posted :)