GPL case in Denmark potentially involving NDS Viasat A/S and/or Samsung

As you can at this website, somebody has discovered what seems very clear GPL violations in a device called "Samsung DSB-H670N". At the moment it is not clear who is the actual cause of the GPL violation.

However, what is outstanding about this case is that an individual on its own tries to bring the respective companies into compliance. I think it serves as a great example what somebody can do even if he is not one of the clear copyright holders and just keeps insisting enough and communicating with the companies involved.

I'm definitely looking forward to see how this turns out. gpl-violations was not involved in any sort. We're continuing with many cases at any time, so don't worry. I just thought this particular action is worth mentioning to the interested reader. Maybe some other people get inspired by it and also stand up for their rights to the source code of GPL licensed programs.