The reason for my trip to Korea: Samsung and mainline Linux

Some weeks ago, I wrote that I'll be again in Korea without mentioning any details. As you can see from this and this mailing list posting to linux-arm-kernel, I have the pleasure of assisting the Linux kernel team at Samsung System LSI with adopting a development model that follows (and contributes to) mainline Linux.

Despite all the enthusiasm this might now create among users of the various Samsung ARM SoC's, I would like to keep the expectations low for now. After all, "talk is cheap, show me the code", I will only blog again about this once we see the first code submissions coming from the Samsung team.

I'd like to thank Samsung System LSI for their warm welcome and their willingness to change. I hope the community will understand what a big step it is for an organization like this, and will take it easy in case the first code submissions still have some glitches here and there. After all, everyone of us has started at some point.