Leaving for FOSS.in

I'm just about to go to the airport and leave for FOSS.in/2009. Most of my time there will again be spent working out on GSM protocol analysis, i.e. the airprobe project.

The workout wiki doesn't really have any content yet, and I shall fix that as soon as I get the password for the Workout Wiki (apparently passwords from las year don't work anymore).

It's going to be fun to meet all my Indian friends again - and at the same time I'm happy that a large international community will be present, including Stefan Schmidt, Holger Freyther and Andy Green of Openmoko fame, as well as people like Milosch and Brita Meriac from projects like OpenPCD, OpenBeacon and txtr, James Morris of netfilter/iptables and SELinux, Lennart Poettering of avahi and pulseaudio.