Wikipedia discussion on deleting entry on David Miller

As you can see, Wikipedia has started a discussion on whether or not to remove the Wikipedia entry about DaveM

I think this is pretty hilarious. By now, the Linux kernel is probably running on hundreds of millions of CPUs on this planet, most of them connected to some kind of TCP/IP network. And whom do we have to thank for the quality and scalability of that TCP/IP stack inside Linux: David Miller. He's probably one of the longest-running maintainers of a subsystem that's as essential as the networking subsystem.

And this is just one of his many contributions. The SPARC and UltraSPARC port might not be as important today than they were some time ago, but they have been large contributions nonetheless. And then let's talk about operating, the central mailing list host running (among others) what is probably one of the worlds largest mailing lists: linux-kernel aka LKML.

If you think that David Miller is a notable person, then please go to this Wikipedia page and argue that his article should not be deleted.