CECT C3100: Not a phone, but a flashlight with integrated phone

I've seen many [mobile] phones in my life, but nothing like the CECT C3100 so far. It's made of the cheapest hard plastic, like cheap kids toys. In addition to the phone keyboard, it has a mechanical switch on its side. If you slide that switch, five powerful bright white LEDs at the top of the phone will turn the entire device into a flashlight.

However, it is one of the most basic phones with one of the older/simpler MTK baseband chips inside (MT6223). Also, as we have determined by a PCB delamination analysis, the test pads next to the MT6223 really are its ARM JTAG pins.

JTAG is something not commonly found in MTK phone designs, but it is definitely a big win for bootstrapping any system-level software such as drivers on the unit.

Right now I don't have the time to work on MT6223, we still have many issues to fix in the current Ti Calypso code. But I can't wait to find time to see if we can extend our hardware support to MTK GSM chipsets...