Wanted: Packet traces of the MAP+TCAP based C/Gc interface

I'm looking for any example pcap files (packet traces) of the so-called "C" and "Gc" Interfaces, i.e. the interfaces of the HLR (Home Location Register). If anyone has such pcap files or can generate some, I would very much appreciate it.

The protocol levels I'm interested in is SCCP, TCAP and MAP. The lower layers (MTP) are not important now.

Specifically, I'm looking for traces of any of the following MAP operations:

  • updateLocation
  • cancelLocation
  • restoreData
  • sendParameters
  • updateGprsLocation
  • sendAuthenticationInfo
  • purgeMS
  • sendRoutingInfo
  • sendRoutingInfoForSM
  • reportSM-DeliveryStatus
  • readyForSM
  • noteSubscriberPresent
  • sendRoutingInfo
  • anytimeInterrogation
  • statusReport
  • {register,erase,activate,deactivate,interrogate}SS
  • sendIMSI
  • sendRoutingInfoForGprs
  • insertSubscriberData
  • deleteSubscriberData
  • checkIMEI

If anyone is able to produce the respective traces, I would appreciate it a lot. I'd need them as examples to make sure I fully understand the TS 09.02 in combination with Q.77x before actually starting to implement it...