The 7th netfilter workshop is coming up

The 7th Netfilter Workshop is just coming up next week in Seville, Spain. Once again it will be hosted at the ETS Ingeneria Informatica of the University of Seville.

I'd like to personally thank Pablo Neira for organizing and hosting the event again in Seville.

As most readers of this blog will know, my current relationship to netfilter/iptables is somewhat dormant. I haven't been writing any code for probably something like five years ago, when I was seriously distracted with stuff like OpenPCD, OpenPICC, OpenBeacon and later the Openmoko project.

Nonetheless, it is always great to learn what Patrick, Pablo, Martin, Jozsef, Yasuyuki and the others have been up to. With a slight chance I may actually still have some advice/ideas or other input I can contribute.