Starting to work on drivers for the Mediatek MT6139/MT6140 RF Transceiver

In the last two days, I have finally started to get some initial work done on the OsmocomBB port for the Mediatek chipsets. My current focus is the MT6139/6140 RF Transceiver, including stuff like setting it up for Rx and Tx, computing the VCO/PLL dividers for all ARFCNs in 4 bands for uplink and downlink, etc.

Next will probably be the drivers for the MTK digital baseband BPI (baseband parallel interface) and BSI (baseband serial interface), which are needed to actually use the MT6139/6140 driver, as well as the antenna switch module, power amplifier and other parts of the RF front-end.

I'm not really testing any of this code at the moment, as I'm travelling a lot without access to my Racal 6103 or other GSM handset testing equipment. However, writing even untested code helps me understand the chipset better and is a first step in the right direction. I guess January 2011 will provide more time to continue/complete this task.