Wireshark patches enhancing IPA Abis/IP dissector accepted

The wireshark project recently accepted two of my patches related to the Abis/IP dissector. The first of them makes the TCP/UDP port numbers that are interpreted as IPA multiplex a configurable preference. This is really useful, as the actual port numbers used in production setups seem to differ from site to site (with no real standard port numbers and only some that are 'best practise'). Without this patch, in many case you always need to click 'Decode as... GSM IPA' every time you open a pcap file.

The second patch adds support for printing the debug messages that the Hay Systems Ltd. HSL Femtocell includes as stream identifier 0xDD in its Abis/IP variant.

I hope I can find some time to clean up / finish some of the other wireshark patches that we have pending for quite some time. The main problem here is that we imported some definitions from OpenBSC, which use gcc extensions and are thus not permissible for wireshark inclusion.