OpenBSC field test at 27c3 over

During the last week I was busy with

  • December 22nd though 24th: Preparing OpenBSC to be ready for the field test at 27c3, i.e.
    • improving the output of the log at "INFO" level to be not too verbose at the expected network load
    • Implement the interface to LCR using a Unix domain socket rather than linking LCR with OpenBSC
    • Configuring all 6 BTS, put them in multi-TRX config, test the setup
    • Manufacturing nanoBTS stacking cable (with their weird RJ-69 plugs that you have to mill a notch off)
    • Install all required software on the machine that will run OpenBSC
  • December 25th and 26th: Setting up the network
    • Physically mounting the nanoBTS units
    • Patching cables throughout the building, installing PoE switches
    • Configuring LCR
    • Interfacing with the Phone Operation Center (POC) via E1 / DSS1
  • December 26th through 30th: Running the network
  • December 30th: De-installing the network

I don't have much time now, still have to unpack lots of boxes full of gear. However, I have finally completed my scripts to graph some of the statistical data of the field test. You can see the graphs in the OpenBSC wiki.

Unfortunately we don't have the same body of statistical data for the previous field tests at 25c3, 26c3 and har2009. However, for all of those three events we have now graphs about the IMSI/Country distribution of all the phones that have ever tried a LOCATION UPDATE with us: 25c3, 26c3, HAR2009, providing some nice statistics on what nationalities are attending the respective events.