GPL licensed 100% free software Atheros driver to be hosted on

I've always intended to write a 100% free software driver for Atheros cards, based on the new IEEE80211 subsystem in the mainline kernel. I've even stated at OLS earlier this year that I'd start one. As with many of my projects, there was a significant lack of time.

Meanwhile, Mateusz Berezecki has written a beta-state driver for the ar5212 chipset based wireless cards. He has contacted me for hosting the driver on So this way I'll at least be able to provide some help with the driver this way ;).

I still intend to contribute to the driver (as time permits), as well as the core IEEE80211 stack in the Linux kernel. One of my must-have features is virtual access points, i.e. running as AP of multiple ESSID's with one card on one channel.