Back from holidays - catching up

So I'm back from holidays and are half way through reading the incredible backlog of emails.

It seems like netdev has been a bit more quiet than it was before, and surprisingly there were no more bug reports on the recently introduced netfilter code (nfnetlink, nfnetlink_log, nfnetlink_queue, nf_log, ...). So things seem to have settled down a bit.

Organization of the netfilter developer workshop seems to proceed quite fine, too. Travel sponsorships are taken care of, however we're still lacking some EUR 1600 for the cost of accommodation. If anyone (any company/organization) is interested in contributing to the netfilter project by funding accommodation for the workshop, please let me know.

Most of the 'interesting' new email seems to come in on the GPL violations front. I haven't yet analyzed any of the new alleged violations, but there seems to be plenty. It's a pity since it will again keep me from interesting real work. Also, there's still some minor cleanup to do in order to fully close the last 11 cases that I've dealt with...