Virtualization and IPv6

I am seriously disappointed by both vserver and OpenVZ to not support IPv6 networking. What kind of attitude is this? This is the year 2006. Projects like the servers have native IPv6 connectivity at their hosting provider for a number of years now.

Now I'm investigating consolidation of some of the machines, and none of the ever-so-hyped lightweight virtualization solutions even supports it.

My journey into virtualization therefore ends before it even has begun.

Now you might wonder: Why is he complaining so loudly, rather than implementing it on his own? Because I think it's an almost unforgivable design mistake if you develop any new networking solution that is limited to IPv4 only. Also, OpenVZ is backed by a number of companies, and considering the amount of media fuzz they create, there should be a ton of developers working on it.

Now you might ask: Why not use Xen? Because I don't want simulated virtual machines, but rather some separation of privileges and namespaces. Simulating a whole machine seems a bit odd to me for that purpose.

I'll look at virtualization again when they support virtual Ethernet devices. Capable of running IPv4, IPv6, 802.2LLC and all the other nice protocols that we have in the Linux network stack.