Running a serial console on the A780

After about half a day of trial and error (which was related to a totally different problem, as it turned out), I now have a 2.4.20-based kernel with working serial console for my A780. Unfortunately the console requires soldering four wires onto test pads of the PCB - something that I achieved with 0.1mm diameter magnet wire (Kupferlackdraht for you Germans). The magnet wires are thin enough to get them through the TransFlash slot to the outside, without having to modify the case.

If you're interested in a bootup log captured from the STUART, check this one.

The rest of the day was spent debugging why my (still 2.6.14 based) kernel doesn't want to boot on the machine. As it turns out, booting stops somewhere in the early initialization after head.S has called decompress_kernel(). Debugging this problem has also caused me to actually write some ARM assembly code. For years I'm reading and debugging ARM code, but I've never actually written ARM asm from scratch. So my assembly code now prints one character for every stage of the booting process (ABCDEFGHI) and then stops. At the time the C code should print its first character, the device is already gone. So maybe something with the setup of the registers according to C calling convention, or setup of stack/heap is erroneous.

Interestingly, that startup code has not really changed all that much from 2.4.20 (which runs) and my 2.6.14 based kernel.

It's not unlikely that I'm [again] hunting a totally different problem. I'll probably merge my patches into 2.6.17-rc1 and see whether that works...