State of OpenEZX 2.6.x kernel development

During my two days of EZX phone hacking, I've made significant progress. Probably the most important discovery was how to get a serial console on the USB plug, enabling other people to do further kernel development without physically modifying the phone - but it's still a long way to go.

A current list of TODO's:

  • find out why kernel doesn't boot with CONFIG_IWMMXT
  • find out why E680 SD/MMC works, but not A780 TransFlash
  • debug and fix pxa27x_udc in order to provide usbnet (nfsroot!)
  • debug and fix mtd support in order to be able to access system flash
  • port and cleanup video and sound drivers
  • port Motorola-specific SSP/SPI drivers into 2.6.x generic SPI stack
  • port all the driver specific dpm bits from Motorola's 2.4.20 to 2.6.x
  • clean up the already working keypad drivers
  • finish re-implementation of mux_cli and grpsv modules
  • look into re-implementing the proprietary flash fs drivers, though I don't think that is particularly important, we could run our code 100% on SD/TransFlash
  • create a modified bootloader that allows for multi-boot configurations. It could actually include SD/TF support for booting kernels from there.
  • check how the other (later) Motorola Linux smartphones differ and merge their device-specific code into our 2.6.x kernel tree
  • last, but not least, we need to do something about userspace. I'm not a GUI guy at all, and I haven't yet thoroughly investigated all the existing projects like OPIE, etc. I'm sure once the hardware support is there, some more GUI-savvy people will do something in that area, though.

So why am I stating this here? Because it's up to _you_ to help and take care of one of these tasks if we want to see the dream of having a fully-free software E680/A780 before they get phased out ;)