boots on EZX phones

I've finally managed to get a 2.6.x kernel running on the Motorola A780 and E680. Apparently the problems I encountered are part of 2.6.14 (which was current mainline when I started the port). After merging my patches into, everything suddenly worked fine ;)

So what I've got now:

  • kernel booting on both A780 and E680
  • USB host controller towards Neptune BP working
  • USB device controller partially working
  • MTD support for all flash partitions
  • SD/MMC support on E680 (TransFlash on A780 not working yet)
  • Framebuffer working on both models, with nice 4x6 tiny font

The main obstacle now is that TransFlash on the A780 is not working yet. The A780 is actually more important than the E680. For some strange reason, all the response bytes from the TF card appear to be zero (at least that's what the response FIFO of the PXA27x embedded SD/MMC controller reports). I've already tried a lot, but am a bit clueless after many hours of trial and error :(