The most relaxing flight of my life

The day started early for me. Taking the local train to the airport at 4:09am. Then some annoying KLM ground staff who told me to only bring one piece of hand luggage next time. If you know me, then you certainly know that I find nothing more annoying than people with large carry-on luggage. All I had was a laptop bag and a very small camera bag. No backpack, no trolley. I started a discussion with that staff member, indicating to him that he should read his own regulations before trying to lecture me. Neither laptops nor cameras are allowed in the checked-in baggage, and usually they do not even count as 'piece of hand baggage' but are allowed in addition to that piece. I'll make sure to re-check with KLMs current regulations and file a complaint with KLM. Given my last trouble with the KLM flight to Bangalore last December, I have good contacts to their customer care department now.

Anyway, the situation drastically improved in the Amsterdam - Sao Paulo flight. A Boeing 777-200 with the latest in-flight entertainment system: 111 full-length cinema movies, lots of TV shows (not that I care about them) plus individual music playlists.

It comes even better: I had a whole three seat row for my own. After watching "Memoirs of a Geisha" (I already knew the two Bollywood movies they had), I had a very comfortable sleep. Next time I woke up was already in Brazilian airspace. The only time I had that much space was when going to Israel, but that flight was short enough to not care about that extra comfort.

So in the end it wasn't of much use that I just bought a second battery for my notebook computer ;) Anyway, I'm sure my next, less relaxing long-haul flight will not be too distant.