A1200 LSM / SELinux update

James Morris got quite interested when I told him that the A1200 uses SELinux to lock out the users (owners!) from their own phone ;) So we both did some further analysis, and it turned out that Motorola had actually released the source code to their own policy engine (MotoAC) with the A1200 kernel sources on opensource.motorola.com, whcih is good.

Still we didn't understand why you would use an unmaintained, at least three years old version of SELinux to base a forked policy engine on it - but obviously this is the world of Free Software and everybody is allowed to make his own decisions.

I've also catched up with the A1200 in general and found out that people have already managed to flash their own kernel into it, whcih is great. I wish I had more time to put into OpenEZX at this point, turning it into something that is actually useful. HINT: Skilled volunteers needed.

Pavel Machek apparently got one and is annoyed by the restrictive SELinux policies. By now I'm quite sure that it's not all too difficult to get rid of them ;)