netconf'06 over

Three days in fast-fowrard, this is how you could probably best describe how netconf was. In-depth technical talks, just like it is supposed to be. And I have to admit that even though I've basically paused my kernel network development in early 2006 (will be back next year!), I could still follow everything, so the risk of loosing track quickly is apparently not that high.

There are many exciting areas of work (and even more with interesting design ideas/discussions), so it's just too sad that I'll have to stick with other work for the rest of this year... embedded Linux, RFID and GPL enforcement :(

As usual at the end of the event, we had to think of where and when to hold the next one. After northern America (twice) and Asia/Pacific (once), it's definitely time for Europe next year. We haven't yet decided on whether to go to Sweden, Germany or Switzerland. I'll try to locate some scenic venue and sponsoring, maybe we can hold it in Germany after all.

At the dinner today both JamesM and myself did our best to promote 2006 among the networking crowd. It seems like Rusty, Jamal and Yoshifuji got hooked ;)

In other news, I couldn't resist but to buy one of those ultra-small notebooks that are only available in Japan but nowhere else. Specifically, it is a Panasonic R5, featuring 24.2 x 18cm size, exactly one kilogram of weight, 60GB hard disk, 10.4" screen, 512MB RAM (needs to be upgraded) and a ultra-low-power U1300 Intel CPU.

I've managed to install Debian unstable during the last sessions of netconf, up till now basically everything is running and I'm happily typing this blog into my usual vim-in-uxterm-in-ion3 setup. Let's hope this new notebook will end the suffering of my legs due to the exctremely hot (and power-consuming) Turion64 based MSI laptop.