OpenMoko now runs 2.6.20

Despite the much-feared genirq and workqueue changes, it turned out to be way easier to merge our patches to 2.6.20 maintain than reviewing and back-porting all the relevant bug fixes from 2.6.20 down to our old based system.

We probably wouldn't have been able to do this if Phase-0 wasn't held back due to Bluetooth hardware problems. So everything seems to have its positive side, too :)

Ben Dooks (S3C2410 Kernel Port Maintainer) has already picked some of our patches and is merging them, which is good. He also fixed a s3c2410fb bug in vanilla 2.6.20 which I discovered [and just worked around by porting s3c2410fb from into 2.6.20, lazy as I am]

Today, I spent much time on restructuring our u-boot patches (getting them ready for submission) and actually submitting the first nine patches to the u-boot-users mailing list.

I also spent some time on proprietary software, after a _long_ time. I'm trying to get TI's GSM Modem Firmware updater ported from Windows to Linux. Eventually I want to be able to re-flash the GSM firmware from the S3C2410 side, not involving any PC and especially not any proprietary operating system ;)

I would love to see the firmware updater going public, too - but given the nature of the GSM business, that chance is close to zero. Which is ridiculous, since it doesn't reveal anything important at all. The GSM Modem will verify the cryptographic signature of the firmware image anyway, no matter what the downloader does. But well, we have different problems to solve than to engage in endless discussions anyway...