A day full of new hardware problems

It wasn't sufficient enough that our main build server had memory corruption yesterday (in which case no RAID1 will help, because the buffer cache data is corrupt and gets written to both disks corrupt).

Today, I had the pleasant experience of finding something like three more or less independent severe hardware design bugs in the Neo1973. I know this is really sad news for those of you who are eagerly waiting for their "Phase 0" devices. But firstly, you have to understand how sad _we_ are about all this. Even more so, specifically, how sad I am, personally... [now working 14hours straight on this issue].

I was not involved in the early hardware design of the Neo1973, and was hired as a pure systems level software guy. Over the progress of this project, I've been involved more and more in hardware fixes / reviews / redesign. And it's been only now that I've had a more detailed look at the suspend/resume/wakeup related bits. Given the previous series of hardware bugs I should have probably been more cautious and thoroughly review the whole design from the beginning, but then: It is complex, time consuming, and I'm no hardware engineer either, just joe random hacker.

The good news is that we are able to fix all this in the next version (GTA01Bv4), and that there are likely-to-be-working hot-fixes for the already-produced Phase-0 devices.

Originally USB DFU support for u-boot was supposed to be finished yesterday. Now with those two days full of most serious hardware problems (server, prototype), I wonder what's going to prevent me from working on DFU tomorrow.