Enjoying the netfilter workshop 2007

I've returned to Germany in order to attend the 5th netfilter development workshop in Karlsruhe. It's sponsored by Astaro, whose continuing support of netfilter/iptables is really outstanding. Even after I took my "leave" to work on OpenMoko, they continue their funding by paying for Patricks maintenance of the netfilter/iptables codebase, and things like hosting the netfilter workshop.

It's really great to meet with the old colleagues with whom I've co-worked for a number of years on netfilter/iptables. I really miss those days, basically spending most of my day working together and communicating with cool people hacking on similar problems. Quite a bit different from what I'm doing right now.

So while I'm here, I'm actually trying to spend most of my time related to netfilter/iptables, which is really refreshing.