Heading back to Germany

So, after roughly two weeks of OpenMoko Taipei headquarters, I'm now heading back to my Home+Office in Berlin. And I'm really looking forward to it. During the last couple of months I've tried my best to help the transition from OpenMoko a a project inside a FIC business unit to OpenMoko, Inc. the independent company inside the FIC Group. I've helped with tons of things that are definitely by no means related to kernel/bootloader development, or even the hardware architectural planning that I've been heavily getting involved starting with GTA02.

So now it is a good time to finally focus again on what my actual and original task is: Software development. This can be done much better remotely, so I'll expect to be able to work way more from Berlin. Which makes me happy, since it always was and still is my favorite city. And I definitely missed it a lot during the last year of intensive OpenMoko work. Now I'm on my way back, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with my friends, the CCC Berlin. Being able to go to concerts and clubs that play music I actually like. Being able to work on finally improving (or rather: finishing) home improvement in my apartment, and many other things.

So don't get this wrong. I'm very much continuing my technical work for OpenMoko, and as the first developer on this entire project and a OpenMoko core team member, I'm always going to maintain an influential role in the project. But finally, I can go home, feel better, work more focused and efficiently, and improve the technical quality of our products even more :)

Since OpenMoko now actually has three full-time paid project members in Berlin, It's also going to be nice to closer cooperate with them. (or co-work, like the Chinese English speaking would say)