Leaving OpenMoko "Lead System Architect" position

The regular reader of this blog will have noticed a distinct lack of any OpenMoko related news. This is not a coincidence. As Mickey wrote in a blog entry, there has been quite a bit of internal friction lately.

Adding that to the enormous amount of stress over the last 18 months has made me feel quite a bit demotivated over time. I've tried to cut down on the amount of work I do, but it hasn't helped much. So now I'm at a point where I feel unable to work in any active/leading role inside the project and/or company. My deep apologies to the the project and its community.

But don't worry. OpenMoko is a team, and I'll do everything to help smoothen the transition. I'm more than willing to assist those who will take care of my various tasks.

From today on, I'm nothing more than a volunteer to the project. I'll likely continue a bit of hacking in my areas of personal interest. Just like in many of the other FOSS projects that I have been (or still am) involved.

All the best to the OpenMoko project, the OpenMoko company, FIC Mobility. The last 18 months was an intense experience. Thanks to everyone who has helped the project both inside FIC/OpenMoko and outside. Thanks to FIC for funding and supporting the project. I wish everyone the best, and I'll be the most happy person (next to Sean) at each and every milestone the project achieves in the future.