Slowly getting back to my normal life

For the last couple of days I finally felt like in the "good old" (pre-openmoko) days. Suddenly things that have been piling up to higher and higher stacks are getting resolved. Tax related issues, various other administrative things like housing, insurance related, etc. I even find time for regular medical checkups like dentist's visit again.

I'm also slowly browsing through the various lists like netdev, which I haven't had time to read throughout the last year or so. Finally I get the feeling of being "in sync" again with what's happening in the rest of the Linux world.

I'm also making quick progress on (just ordered two new test purchases of allegedly infringing devices). And I even have time for the occasional homepage update of my various rotting (and rotten) websites.

I'm also almost finished with Ulrich Dreppers excellent paper "What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory". Being a kernel hacker, most of the issues have been known to me more or less, but it's good to read about all of them in a concisive paper, together with benchmarking on current hardware.

There ares still hundreds of pending issues here and there, and I yet have to find some time to e.g. finally do a ulogd2 release, work on integrating all the pending patches in librfid, work on ISO15693 support for it, and last but not least work on getting a lot of the work I did for openmoko on u-boot and kernel finally merged mainline. But if I'm able to continue getting things done at this pace, I'm very optimistic

It seems like all the time with OpenMoko has actually made me forget how easy and fast things have been moving all the time before ;)