incommunicado for a while

It seems like my main mail server,, is facing some severe problems (ext3 corruption on a 3ware hardware RAID-1, i.e. something that clearly should not happen.

As per Murphy's law, this had to happen exactly while I was in-flight on my trip to Bangalore for 2007 :( Had it happened 2 days earlier, i would have actually within physical reach of the machine in question.

Luckily, all my hosted servers have remote consoles and actually even remote access to the BIOS setup. So I'm trying to recover what's to recover. The exim mail spool is on the affected /var partition. The much more important cyrus IMAPD spool is not affected. What a relief.

Still, everyone who tried to contact me: Please expect some delays in email based communication through the next few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.