Day one of

It was a great first day at 2007. It's been surprisingly quiet at the venue today, compared with the previous incarnations of the event. This is due to the changed structure, in which the first two days are focused "project days" and the main conference only starts on day three.

This does by no means imply that the project days are less important, or that the lower number of people is bad. Quality matters, not quantity. And since the event is about contributions, project days are a very important addition to

I spent most of the day talking to Rusty and James. It has been quite nice and I now have learned about Rustys new exciting CCAN project. As a long-time perl developer (I have leanred Perl before C!), I definitely understand the beauty of something like CPAN. With C however, the hardest issue will be resolving the namespace problem. Unfortunately I am currently not in the mood of adding even more unfinished things to my task list.