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One of the projects that I'm hosting (and which I've helped to initiate) on is the project about security research and analysis of the DECT protocols.

Like I've pointed out in many of my presentations and here in this blog, there are many communication systems in use today which don't even remotely receive as much scrutiny as TCP/IP, the Internet and the PC world. RFID is one of them, which is why I helped to get OpenPCD, OpenPICC, librfid and other projects started. My recent work on GSM protocol analysis as well as OpenBSC are of similar nature. And is doing the long-neccessarry scrutiny to evaluate practical DECT cordless telephone security.

As it seems, the news about the insecurity of most cordless phones has made its way into mainstream news, and the website is now getting thrashed quite a bit, despite running on a dual-core Opteron with quite a bit of RAM and fast SCA disks. Which is good. This means that people are indeed caring about the confidentiality of their cordless phones. It's a pity that the industry missed that fact and is shipping outdated technology way beyond todays state-of-the-art in IT security. Proprietary symmetric ciphers, weak RNGs, no user indication if the protocol falls back to no encryption, etc.

I've changed one of my e-mail signatures a couple of years back to a quote from the ETSI DECT spec: "Privacy in residential applications is a desirable marketing option". A Marketing option. Not something anyone would have to give much thought about. I hope the hardware vendors will now get sufficient public pressure to get their act together...

It's also great to see Patrick McHardy of fame now work on implementing a DECT protocol stack for the Linux kernel. Very exciting work.

The only sad thing is that all I can do is sit back and watch. I so much wanted to work on this project, but never got a chance. There are too many high-priority things going on, and I'm basically spending all my time in exciting (but unpaid) GSM protocol related work right now.