Presenting on Linux Coding Style / Mainline Merge and gnufiish at III

Today I was invited to present at the Taiwanese Institute for the Information Industry about two topics.

The fist talk was on How to write code compatible with the Linux Coding Style and submit patches to the mainline kernel, a seminar that I have given a number of times before, but which still raises a lot of interest.

The second talk that the III requested was surprising: About the project, an effort to port Linux to E-TEN glofiish PDA phones. It is a very low-level hacker-oriented talk, and I was surprised that I should give it in front of an audience consisting of software developers working for "the industry". But I think it was received very well, and maybe it has made some people to start thinking about why people have to go to that extreme (reverse engineering) rather than some hardware vendor actually embracing the Open Source revolution and helping those people to make more software run on their devices.