Taking the DX900 apart, taking PCB photographs

I've taken the DX900 apart and taken the usual PCB photographs. You can find them attached to the DX900 page in the gnufiish wiki.

In the process, I learned some new bits about the DX900:

  • They have used a Sunplus 2.5G modem (next to their usual 3.5G modem design)
  • They have added a second small CPLD (2C64)
  • They are now using a Power Management IC (older glofiish don't)
  • The DX900 does no longer have the standard glofiish test pad arrangement like all earlier devices
  • There probably is no M900 (key-board version), since the PCB is now heavily using components and shielding covers on both sides, adding to the overall thickness of the device