Some idiots apparently put my car on fire

While I'm still in Taipei, I suddenly get a mobile phone call from the Berlin police department. It seems that somebody has parked a Porsche next to my car, and then some retarded people put that Porsche on fire, and the flames from the Porsche then torched my car (a VW Golf), too.

I currently don't know the extent of the damage, but it makes me quite sad, as I just had that car for some three months. Luckily I'm leaving Taipei today, just in time to get home tomorrow and have a look at my [partially?] burnt car.

Oh, and it still had one of the BS-11 GSM Base Transceiver Stations in the trunk. Curious to see if and how that one has survived.

So I'm returning to my home in Berlin. The car is torched. My BMW F650ST motorbike is broken due to some carburetor issue. And the Yamaha FZ6 is only registered from March through October for the summer season. *sigh*. Must be Murphy's law.

As if I didn't have other things to do.

UPDATE: The car is apparently completely burnt out, beyond repair.
Farewell :(