ST-Ericsson Open Source Community Workshop 2009

ST-Ericsson is the maker of an ARM based SoC family called Nomadik. Over the last couple of months they have been working with members of the community to get their support into mainline Linux and u-boot.

They have recently announced the ST-Ericsson Community Workshop 2009, a small event limited to only 25 seats, where members of the community, together with ST-Ericsson present on the development of GNU/Linux on their Nomadik SoC platform.

The workshop registration fee is 200 EUR, but it includes a full NHK-15 development kit for the Nomadik platform!

I really think ST-Ericsson is doing the right thing, reaching out to the community, actively trying to get their code mainline, plus providing subsidized development boards at a to interested community members.

If you're interested, make sure you register soon, seats are limited...