I'm looking for Ericsson BTS (RBS) A-bis OML traces

After supporting Siemens (BS-11) and ip.access (nanoBTS) from OpenBSC, I'd like to add support for Ericsson BTS's (RBS).

What is needed to do that is to implement those 1% of A-bis that are typically vendor-dependent. And in order to do that, I'd need protocol traces of the A-bis OML (organization and maintenance layer) while an Ericsson BTS (RBS) is brought up. The data format doesn't matter, and the RBS model doesn't matter. My biggest interest would be in the RBS 2308, though - as this is what I can actually test with real hardware.

So if anyone is able to provide that kind of trace, it would help OpenBSC to grow more hardware support. Thanks in advance.