OpenGGSN Version 0.90 released

Only three weeks ago I blogged about OpenGGSN, a seemingly-abandoned Free Software implementation of the GGSN node of the GPRS core network.

Things have developed quite a bit ever since. As the original author didn't respond to any of my mails and was not able to reach him either, they have approved my the 'abandoned project takeover' (APT) request.

I've now switched the project from CVS to git, removed links to the non-existing homepage and released version 0.90, containing nothing less than a fix for remote DoS vulnerability that was pending for more than 5 years.

So far I'm only exercising the PDP context activation/deactivation parts of OpenGGSN from OsmoSGSN (the SGSN I write as sister-project to OpenBSC), but I hope we can use OpenGGSN in a production GPRS network soon...