UPS sends me an invoice over 1 Euro-cent

Yesterday I received this letter from the local UPS subsidiary in Germany.

This is nothing uncommon, as I often import some electronics parts or other equipment from outside the EU, on which I need to pay customs duties and/or import VAT. In such cases, they typically collect an estimated amount as COD (cash on delivery) and then send an invoice about the difference (if any).

The funny part in this case now is: The grand total after subtracting my COD payment is EUR 0.01 - in words: One Euro-cent. They really want me to do a bank transfoer or write them a cheque over 1 cent !?!

One wonders to what grand total the expenses for the paper, printing, postage, banking transfer fees and accounting fees on the UPS side will amount to for processing something like this.

I wonder what would happen if I didn't pay that 1 cent. Would they actually try to sue me? Probably simply stop delivering packets to me, which I cannot afford and thus rather pay that single cent...