IPFIX / ulog integration

After some more in-depth study of the IPFIX IETF drafts, I finally started coding. Having written the first dozens of lines, I discovered that on an abstract layer IPFIX doesn't do something too different from my good old ulogd. Ignoring the minor difference that ulogd deals with individual packets and IPFIX with flows, the ulogd_iret_t structure is very similar to what IPFIX templates are trying to describe.

So I now forked a ulogd2 branch off the current ulogd subversion tree and started to reorganize the tree.

For more flexibility, I am going for a stackable plugin infrastructure, where the sysadmin can configure stacks like: ULOG->ulogd_BASE->flow aggregation->IPFIX-over-TCP-export or ctnetlink->IPFIX-over-SMTP-export.