Motorbike problems

I wanted to take pictures of a recently detonated old building in Berlin. I wanted to go there via motorbike. Unfortunately the bike got some problems: After about 3km from my home, it suddenly stopped and refused to start again. While trying to get it running, I suddenly noticed vast amounts of fuel leaking from the air filter. That's a bad sign, it basically says that somehow the carburetor is getting fuel into the wrong direction.

I went home by public transport (no photos taken), and luckily found a truck rental that was open on Sundays. So I managed to get the bike back home, take everything apart and clean the carburetor. I couldn't find something serious like a worn out fitting... all I found was a minimal amount of dirt.

I'll put the bike pieces back together tomorrow, let's see whether cleaning the dirt actually helped. Jeez, as if I hadn't enough to do already...