Berlinux 2004

Some time ago I was approached if I would be able to give a presentation at Berlinux 2004, Berlin's local incarnation of a Linux conference, organized by the Berlin Linux User Group.

This should be the first contact to any user groups I've had for about five years. I've tried to avoid Linux user groups exactly because of the 'User' part. I have a hard time dealing even with Linux-savoy iptables users, let aside users who need explanation how to install a given Linux distribution or even how to use a file manager.

Unfortunately Berlinux seems to be very user-oriented, too. I arrived about 40 minutes early and am now waiting for a presentation explaining the principles of mounting and the Linux file system layout to finish.

I'm surprised that Berlinux is so small, considering that Berlin is about seven times the size of my old hometown of Nuernberg, and the ALIGN Linux Setup Parties had about the same size.

Oh yes, does the idea trouble you that you know somebody at every international Linux conference, from Bangalore to Ottawa - but at an event in your own hometown you have a hard time finding any person whom you know? That's how I feel. Misplaced, at the wrong event :(