KNF Kongress: Meeting old friends

Today I've given my two gpl related presentations at the annual KNF Kongress. Apparently it helped some people to understand legal requirements of dealing with various free software licenses, which is good.

Also, I was a the OpenTom presentation and could it actually see working with a 2.6.x kernel, sound, framebuffer, USB keyboard, USB CD-ROM and even playing some low-res-movies with mplayer on the console. Great work.

Apart from that, I was just chatting with a lot of people. As a side-note, I've also mentioned the CCCB's current search for a pc-based logic analyzer that either comes with developer documentation or Linux software. People suggested of building the logic analyzer on our own, by using available FPGA's, some SRAM and a USB interface. If you think about it, this actually sounds quite feasible. Now I'll do some research on FPGA's that ship with a free development environment, unlike the proprietary stuff shipped by Altera & Co :(