Day one of Linux Bangalore 2004

So today lb2004 started, but unfortunately there are lots of problems, some of them really outstandingly ridiculous.

The less problematic issue was that even though the zd1201 driver now works, the access points would not actually get a link to a switch, independent of the kind of cable. So the whole wireless network idea was basically abandoned.

As for Internet access at the conference, there was none. There's not even CDMA reception on top of the roof, and even though that the auditorium is part of the Indian Institute of Sciences there is no connection to the IISC LAN within the complex. Also, they IISC apparently has so little bandwidth, that it's insufficient for their own purpose, let aside connecting some conference.

Then the really interesting thing came up: Because of about 2800 attendees, there was an 500 seat additional auditorium built. Apparently the IISC gave permission to build the auditorium tent on their ground, even charged money for using the ground - but they informed the lb2004 organizers that they were not allowed to use it. They've only given permission to build the auditorium, not to actually use it to give any presentations in there, or even use it only as a lounge.

Believe it or not, it became worse. Someone wanted to fetch food from the catering to the speaker lounge. He was stopped by a security guard, stating that in the room officially designated as speaker lounge by the IISC, there was no food permitted, and a fine would apply if anyone actually tried to do so.

Oh yes, and they suddenly introduced a new rule, active on 1st of December, that as soon as there are more than 25 cars parked on the grounds, another fine would apply.

This is just incredibly ridiculous. This is the Indian Institute of Science, and the conference is held in exactly the same premises for the third time. None of those issues came up in the previous years.

Also, this is the same IISC which boasts himself to have denied an event with Dr. Kalam (India's president and one of the biggest promoters of Free and Open Source in India) at the J.N.Tata Auditorium.

It's very hard to understand that they just want to sabotage that kind of event in any possible way. It makes me feel sick and sad. Somebody should organize a demonstration. Call off half a day and make a 3000 attendee protest in front of the office of the director of the IISC.