Shopping in Bangalore

Today I went shopping in Bangalore. The first thing I had to learn, is that you need a lot of travel through the heavy traffic in order to get to the respective stores.

Secondly, buying/finding a Sari (Including the blouse and the Petticoat) is not as easy as buying women's clothes in the western world. The choli (blouse) is made-to-measure, and they require more information than the usual under bust / over bust / waist measurements. So I only bought one this time, let's first see how it fits Elisabeth before I buy more items that in the end don't fit.

Getting Hindi learner books (apart from the usual Devanagari alphabet training) in Bangalore turned out to be more difficult than expected. Students tend to get the books from the Schools, and the local language is Kannada. But finally we managed to get them, too.

Finding Bollywood DVD's is obviously the most easy task ;) I got a stack of 8, and I'll probably be buying more of them once I get to Mumbai on Tuesday.