Number of GPL violations still rising

Over the last couple of days I've again verified a number of GPL violations. It's a real pity that those companies still don't get the message.o

It hurts especially, that there are two cases (Netgear, Siemens) where companies with whom we already had a amicable agreement published new devices that again don't comply with the GPL (Netgear WGT634U and Siemens M740-AV). Apparently they don't really care despite the fact they should know better.

Also, we have another number of cases where companies signed an agreement with us, but failed to fulfill that agreement only a couple of months later with exactly the devices mentioned in the agreement.

I'm sick of those cases. What the hell is so difficult to put the source code and the GPL license text on a CD-ROM that has 500MB unused and ships with the device anyway?