New development version of grouter (aka linwrap)

Some time ago I started working on a small embedded Linux distribution. You will now ask yourself, why yet another one? Well, any free distribution you can find out there has either not a networking focus strong enough for my demands, or is using horribly outdated software (and especially no 2.6.x kernels).

So I'm now running that distro (still not sure whether I'll finally call it " router (grouter)" or "Linux Wireless Router Application Platform (LinWRAP)") on three embedded production systems.

It's main features are

  • Linux 2.6.10
  • uClibc 0.9.27
  • busybox 1.00
  • iptables-1.2.11
  • dropbear
  • quagga
  • openvpn
  • iptraf
  • siproxd
  • dhcprelay
  • in-kernel PPPoE
  • fits in less than 15MB of flash

The only hardware supported so far is the PC Engines WRAP embedded x86 platform. More hardware support will be added over time, very likely candidates are IXP42x and probably even some of the Broadcom/ti/intersil consumer access point platforms.

The current state of the distribution can be followed in this svn repository. Please note that there is absolutely zero support or documentation.