AOpen finally responds

AOpen was one of the companies to whom I tried to hand over a friendly letter on GPL licensing at the CeBIT trade show earlier this year.

One of their high ranking managers refused to accept my letter there, asking me to send it to the German subsidiary via postal services. I did so immediately after the trade show, which was in march.

Now (it's May!) they have decided to respond with a phone call. They told me that I should have directed that letter to their Taiwanese mother company, since the products that I claim are in violation of the GPL are not sold in Germany.

They don't get it. Its _THEIR_ problem if they don't comply with the license. Its _THEM_ who are liable for copyright infringement. I don't care which particular subsidiary of a multinational corporation is responsible. It is in the best mutual interest of any subsidiary to assure that they comply with license conditions.

The best I could get was to make them agree to talk to their German management whether they would actually forward the letter to their .tw mother company.