Both Acer and iRiver still have issues

Acer has now put up a mirror of all 2.4.x kernel versions on their support website. Clearly they do not understand what the GPL is about, despite our efforts. I fail to understand what is so difficult to grasp while reading a phrase like "complete corresponding source code, including scripts used to control compilation and installation".

Clearly, Acer's Aspire 1800 and 2000 series notebook don't only come with some unconfigured vanilla Linux kernel preinstalled, but with a custom-tailored Linux distribution containing lots of other GPL licensed software.

iRiver seems to claim that they're no longer selling the product in Germany, and therefore don't need to release the source code. AFAICT, there are dozens of online stores who still sell PMP-1xx devices, and even iRiver Germany's homepage still advertises this series of players on it's front page (!).

What is this to tell us? They are not taking the issue of GPL licensing serious. Even after receiving warning notices and having signed declarations to cease and desist.

I'm going to make more and more open statements about such embarrassing details, which I didn't do in the past. Apparently it only helps to put the maximum amount of pressure onto those companies. Sad, very sad. I have no intentions of harming their business...