Taking photographs at Vienna's central cemetery

Vienna is well-known for it's historic cemeteries. I always wanted to take some pictures there. Now that I'm in Vienna for business reasons, I at least wanted to visit one of them, the Zentralfriedhof (central cemetery).

The first thing you notice is the magnitude of this facility. Coming from the next railway station, you enter through gate 11. Yes, that's _eleven_. Next curiosity is that there is a dedicated bus line taking you to different parts of the vast area.

I must have spent some four hours there, and it was definitely just a quick browse, I could barely scratch the surface of this beauty.

My photography was hampered by the weather. It was very cloudy, resulting at quite long exposure times even at 400 ASA films - and every so often I had to make a break because of rain.

After getting back to the hotel I discovered a most embarrassing truth. The pictures from the digital SLR turned out fine, but the chemical camera was lacking a film. I was (and still am) totally devastated.

How could this beginner's mistake happen to me? Well, I have two SLR cameras for old-fashioned chemical film. The one I took this time apparently advances the picture counter even if there is no film inside. Despite using that camera for numerous years, I didn't figure that so far. *sigh*.

This means that I definitely have to come back at some later point. Maybe I can manage to get some cheap flight tickets at a time when the weather is better, and I'm less stupid...