Libre Supper at LSM/RMLL

The problems with this conference continue.

The social event libre supper costs real money, and about the only thing you get for it is a nice venue. It was held in the city hall.

The buffet was not set up in the middle of the hall, but in some separate room next to it. So the bottleneck was not the buffet itself, but the door between the hall and the buffet-room. This further prolonged the queue lining up unnecessarily.

So at the time I ended up at the buffet, there weren't even any glasses left - meaning that I had to "enjoy" my dinner without wine or water. Obviously everyone would line up for a second and probably third helping. People like me who refuse to line up for half an hour and only enqueue when the queue is shorter don't actually get any of the desert.

I've probably never wasted my money and time more efficiently.