Revamping netlink sockets

While writing on nfnetlink, ctnetlink, nfnetlink_queue and other bits of the 'new' netfilter infrastructure, I've run into a number of minor shortcomings in netlink that are surprisingly hard to overcome.

One of them is refcounting, i.e. making sure that the module implementing a particular functionality via netlink doesn't silently disappear by module unloading while sockets are still open from userspace.

I've now finished one implementation, but it might cause module refcount leaks if a kernel module implementing a netlink socket closes the socket in some other codepath but the module_exit() function.

The other problem (slightly harder) is module auto-loading. It's my position that the kernel should autoload the respective module once a userspace process opens a netlink socket. However, this can not be made obligatory, since multiple userspace processes might also just wish to communicate with themselves, with no listener/sender in the kernel at all.