Chaosradio on Electronic Health Card

Today I'll be moderating this months' episode of Chaosradio on the upcoming German Gesundheitskarte (Electronic Health Card, EHC).

This is the latest incarnation of the ever-increasing number of large-scale IT projects in public atministration. Following-up infamous examples such as TollCollect, the ALG2 software, INPOL-NEU, ELSTER, and last but not least the RFID enabled electronic Passport. And it will affect the data privacy and data protection of even more German citizens than any of the beforementioned systems!

I'm very pleased to announce Thomas Maus (ThoMaus), one (if not the) most prominent critical experts on the EHC as a live guest in the radio studio.

This subject is actually one that I think fits best into the idea of Chaosradio: Technical, but with vast implications on society. Even more than my last "favourite" data retention, but less than the upcoming Chaosradio show on "voting machines".

From my point of view there are too many issues currently at this border between technology, politics and society that need to be adressed. Too many to just talk about geeky technological stuff that is certainly also happening and woth covering it in Chaosradio.